Different people have very different relationships with plants. Some love caring for and nurturing plants, while others can’t be bothered. Having plants in your home can, however, be very beneficial for your health. How so? Plants can do wonders to clean the air in your home, giving you more energy and relieve respiratory problems.

In any home there are lots of chemicals in the air. They might come from your appliances, your furniture, your clothing or a multitude of different sources. While they usually aren’t in large enough concentrations to be dangerous for your health, they could cause tiredness, headaches and other problems. Plants will filter these chemicals out of the air and make it cleaner. Of course, different types of plants are better at this than others, and some plants are easier to care for than others, requiring less work on your part. If you are willing to spend the time and energy to care for your plants, you will see the rewards in cleaner air almost immediately.

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