It can be difficult to deal with bad odors in a home and some odors can linger for a very long time. Take tobacco odor for example, smoke particles are very small and permeate nearly everything which means that an odor like this is very difficult to get rid of. Adding to this problem, nicotine also produces an oily, brown substance which will adhere to many surfaces in the home. So, are there any solutions to removing tobacco odor in a home?

Here are a few suggestions:

If the home you have just purchased had a previous tenant that smoked, it will, no doubt, smell strongly of tobacco so a good start is ventilation. Leave all windows and doors open for as long as possible. You can also place natural odor absorbers like baking soda or coffee grounds in containers around the home. Replace all HVAC or air conditioner unit filters. If there are any light bulbs left behind from the previous tenant you will likely want to replace them or give them a thorough cleaning, this is because any nicotine residue left on them will disperse into the air when lights are turned on and the light bulbs warm up. Blind left on windows that you want to keep should be taken down and soaked in a tub, given a good scrub and then let to hang dry. Use cleaners which contain ammonia for hard surfaces as they work well to remove nicotine although this is not suitable for wooden surfaces.

Unfortunately, removing nicotine from a carpet is extremely difficult so it will probably be best to replace it. Before you install a new carpet, however, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the flooring underneath.

Although painting wall is a good idea, just be aware that nicotine often seeps through the paint so its good to seek advice from a professional before you start to find out what types of paint you should use.

While simple, these suggestions will help with the process of eliminating stubborn tobacco odor and in no time you home will be fresh and clean.

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