When you are sitting outside in the blistering sun, doesn’t a tall glass of water with ice sound tempting? Large parts of the world don’t have access to clean drinking water, while here in the US it is very easy to attain. However, have you ever wondered what the quality of your drinking water is? You might think that this would be easy to figure out just from the smell, but in reality, a large part of what can show up in your drinking water that is harmful for you, doesn’t have a smell. Here are a few common odors that households have from their water and what they can indicate.

When you smell rotten eggs from your water, a possible cause is hydrogen sulfide. This could be due to contamination, but it is not necessarily a serious problem.

If you smell chlorine, it is most likely due to over-chlorination. There will be chlorine in any public water supply to kill off harmful bacteria, but you could install an activated coal filter to lower the amount of chlorine, since it can be harmful if you ingest large quantities of it.

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