Fixing up an old home can be a huge project and, to do it right, will require a lot of time and patience. So, how can you restore your old fixer upper so that it maintains its beautiful old features and character, while at the same time making it a comfortable home that enjoys modern convenience?

This can be a tricky balance but the key to a successful retrofit is to make sure that any work you do to improve the home is in keeping with its age. For example, one of the worst things you can do for the look of an old home is to replace its windows with modern ones. Yes, its likely that the old windows and doors are drafty but, unless they are too damaged to repair, it might be better to try using storm windows which can be installed without damaging the structure. When sealing up cracks and gaps with weather stripping, select a paint color that will blend in with the look of the home.

When fixing up a home, you no doubt wish to add as many energy efficient features as possible. Some ways to do this in an old home are to replace the old appliances with new ENERGY STAR rated ones. You can also do simple things like switch all light bulbs to CFL bulbs. You may also want to add insulation to the home, not only in the attic, but in crawlspaces as well.

Yes, to tastefully retrofit your old home requires a lot of effort but the results will be well worth the extra time you spend.

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