We will, no doubt, be spending much more time indoors throughout the coming cold winter months. With more time spent at home there is a greater risk of household related accidents, so we thought a few simple safety reminders might be a good idea.

The fireplace is a wonderful heat source in the winter, but it can also be very dangerous if we are not careful. Before you light the fire, make sure the chimney is in good shape and check that the flue is open, also remove anything flammable from the surrounding area. Avoid throwing wrappers into the fire or anything that will ignite rapidly.

Never leave candles unattended or burning close to flammable materials. If you will be using additional lighting such as string lights, make sure to check them over for frayed wires or broken bulbs. This would be a good time to also check every smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the house to make sure they are all working correctly and don’t require new batteries.

If you will be using additional space heaters in the home, make sure to keep all children and pets away from them. Another thing to keep out of reach of children and pets is poinsettias. Although these are beautiful plants to enjoy, they are actually poisonous so keep this in mind when deciding whether you should buy one.

Yes, there are many things to enjoy in the winter time. Being cozy at home is one of them but remember to keep your eye on safety.

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