If you live in an older house, you are probably aware of most of the quirks that it has, but are you also aware of the potential dangers? One thing that was used quite frequently in pipes and paint before anyone realized how dangerous it was is lead. Lead can cause all kinds of health issues, damaging your organs, your blood, your nervous system and even causing birth defects. Children are at greater risk since their bodies are still developing, and young children have a tendency to stick things they find into their mouth, making flaking lead paint extra dangerous.

If you suspect that you have lead paint, you shouldn’t try to remove it yourself, since doing so could release damaging lead dust into the air. It is better to leave it undisturbed and have a professional remove it. You will recognize the lead paint by the way it flakes. It looks similar to the scales on a lizard.

Lead pipes can also be very damaging, since you could end up with lead in your drinking water. It is best to have them replaced as soon as possible.

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