When you install a new toilet, one of the things that many people do is seal the bottom of the toilet – but is this really the best thing you can do? Let’s consider the upside and downside of sealing the bottom of your toilet.

First of all, it is actually the recommendation of most manufacturer’s to seal the bottom of your tiolet at the floor with an approved caulk. This is for controlling moisture issues and other reasons typically.

The problem with that (that many make the argument for) is that if there is a leak under your toilet that the water is trapped and can’t get out – thus causing wood rot and other problems.

In reality, it is a tradeoff. There are upsides and downsides to both methods – with or without caulking. So if you are having a new toilet installed, or are installing one youreself, carefully read the instructions that came with your nw toilet, talk with qualified professionals, and make a good decision based on your research.

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