Losing power in our homes can be a very frustrating thing to happen. For many people, however, it can become a much greater problem than a simple annoyance, it can become a matter of safety. To prevent problems that result in loss of power many people decide to buy a portable generator. What are some of the benefits to owning one as well as the precautions we should take when operating them?

Portable generators are pretty easy to use and do not require a special permit to own and operate one which makes them a good choice. They can be moved easily and generally run on gasoline, this makes them great for use when camping or going to more remote locations.

Its important to exercise caution when using a portable generator though. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

If you rely on appliances that are hard wired to your home, its important to note that a portable generator is not designed for these. It is designed for corded appliances.

Be careful not to overload a portable generator even though this might be tempting during a power outage. It could prevent it from functioning and even become a fire hazard.

Do not operate a portable generator inside the home. It produces carbon monoxide which can be fatal.

Avoid placing near water so as to avoid risk of electric shock.

Caution should be exercised when filling it with gasoline and could be a fire risk if the generator is hot.

To summarize then, portable generators can be a very handy thing to have especially during a power outage, but care must be taken while operating one.

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