We all know mold bad. Exposure has many effects, from irritating skin, to causing allergic reactions and can even lead to long term health problems such as cancer. But it’s so annoying to get rid of! What can we do? BLAST IT! One of the most effective methods of mold remediation is called abrasive blasting (or media blasting).

This method typically uses specially formed pieces of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Although soft, the particles are sharp. Under correct pressure, it essentially cuts the mold off. In the process of being blasted against a solid object, it pretty much just disintegrates. And with the right tools and technique, the amount of baking soda media needed is minimal, making cleanup faster and safer.

This type of removal does not encapsulate the mold upon contact. That means the mold spores start floating around again. Obviously, the experts performing the removal should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Part of the clean-up includes using HEPA filters. These grab all the contamination in the air. After giving the HEPA filter sufficient time to do it’s job, test again to make sure it’s all gone.

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