As the weather gets cold and the air dry its likely, at some point, that we will experience static electricity shocks.  Its not something we usually give a second thought to but are there any situations in which static electricity could become dangerous?

While a simple static shock isn’t normally more than an irritation due to is low current, given certain conditions and situations it could pose a risk.  What types of conditions would produce this type of danger?

One area of danger is if static electricity builds up around anything flammable.  Even vapors or dust in an enclosed space could potentially ignite due to static electricity.  Although rare, if static builds up in a person operating electronic equipment, it could affect the equipment.

Very often when we experience a static shock, it makes us jump, this could possibly cause injury if we are performing a task such as carrying scolding liquid etc.

There are a few things we can do to reduce our chances of static shocks.  For example, a humidifier is a great way to dampen the air which reduces static.  Plants act as natural humidifiers so try placing more plants around the home.

Use fabric softener to reduce static build up.  Try diluting a few drops in water and lightly spraying areas such as your carpet.  There is an added bonus to doing this as it will freshen up the place too.

You could try anti-static wrist bands if you suffer from a lot of shocks, also try wearing natural fibers as synthetic fibers create more static build up.

Yes, although static electricity is no more than an irritation most of the time, be careful in certain conditions such as around combustible materials.

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