Its one of the heaviest doors in a home and is responsible for many household injuries every year so, it’s with good reason that automatic garage doors need regular maintenance and checks for safety. As a homeowner, is this something you can do yourself? Although its best to have a professional fix any problems with a home’s automatic garage door, there are things that the homeowner can look for which would indicate potential hazards.

Automatic garage doors generally work by a spring supported mechanism, operated by a remote-controlled device or wall mounted switch. This means there are many moving parts which can easily malfunction. Take a look around the garage door and its framework and see if you notice any signs of wear and tear, if you do, it would be good to have it checked out.

Safety warning labels for the garage door should be clearly visible and you should educate the household about the whereabouts of the manual release handle as well as how to use it. Its also very important that children are educated about the dangers of playing with or around automatic garage doors. They should know that it is unsafe to walk under a moving door or play with strings and pulleys attached to it.

Being aware of the hazards associated with automatic garage doors is a key step in preventing the accidents which are all too common in this part of the home.

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